The Future of Events is Live

Live Production is more that just Video, it’s taking down limitations and opening doors
The whole world is your audience, anytime from anywhere

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We are a Conscious consultancy and solutions provider.
Our teams work in an Aware, Mindful, and Sustainable way;
we call them Conscious Professionals.

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“Consciousness is expanding globally at a very rapid rate,
facilitating this expansion is not just a task or responsibility, it’s a duty – a duty to all of humanity.”

– Consciousness Network Founder

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The team that made the recording were people I felt comfortable with, people who felt what my wishes were.
It were incredibly nice people I had a very pleasant exchange with, just spontaneous about anything and everything.
‘a good feeling’
Trees van Rijsewijk
The cooperation with was a true benefit for our event. I was impressed by the high technical expertise as well as by the smooth prep on location.
Konstantin Wolf
It was very well organised, thank you to Team Conscious for taking such good care of all the speakers!
Charlotte Jongejan
The video is made very well; you have done an excellent job. In particular, the insertion of the slides into the video is very felicitous. So, many thanks again.
Prof. Dr. Christoph Lumer
When I first saw the setup that Consciousness Network were using to record the event, I felt like I was in a TV studio! The recordings are top notch and the team are amazing. Professional, organised and just great people.
Adrian Stewart
It was so great to have you being part of the media team at our event. YOU GUYS ROCK and you did an amazing job, even with the challenging circumstances!! We cannot thank you enough!
Betterplace lab

Video | Live Streaming & Live Production

Where Broadcast Experience meets Passion for Technology and an Eye for Detail

Having a full video of your event allows people to live and re-live the experience long after it has happened. With the consumption of media dramatically increasing due to tools such as social media, not having a video record of your event is holding you back. It’s uses are endless, everything from promotional material to self-analysis for improvement. But you know that video is necessary – that’s why you’re here.

But why Live Production over Traditional Production?

Traditional Video Production Steps

 Live Video Production Steps

A Live Production can be broadcast live online without delay or the Production can be shown across screens at the event venue (or other venues) as it happens. Overall time is significantly reduced, the final result is there to see as soon as the event is over.

So why isn’t all Production Live?

Expensive Equipment, Specialist Tools & Lots of Required Effort

Live Production requires more expensive equipment, a significantly greater number of tools & a wider range of skills; combine that with only one chance to take a decision on what to show or do – these extra requirements make many Traditional Production companies shy away from trying Live.

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What can we do with Live Production?

We’re often asked what we can do with Live Production; it’s simple – we have 4 ways to really take your event to another level.

More Inputs for More Impact


Our cameras capture images in super high resolution. Our cameras are 4K / UltraHD capable meaning that we can capture every last little detail in more vivid colors than ever before. 


We use the same equipment as some of the biggest TV channels in the world to generate graphics in UltraHD. This allows us to make complicated on screen items such as Name Tags and Score Boards often referred to as Lower Thirds.


Instead of filming a projection in bad light, we always overlay presentations directly on the video. Presentations are Sharp and Colorful for the viewer ensuring that the message is carried across without interference.


Nobody wants to see a badly shot and unlit video, so just like with presentations; we digitally overlay them on top of the video so that the viewer sees them just as if they were in a cinema – Bright and Clear.

Video Calls

Sometimes a speaker or presenter can’t make it to an event, this usually means no input from them;  however by connecting them via Video Call they can Communicate and Present just as if they were there.

Other Locations

Big Events have one major challenge – a big enough venue. That challenge is overcome by linking two venues together via super high quality Two Way Audio and Video, guests and speakers can physically be at one location and digitally in the other.