Project Description

Who They Are
Sentience Politics is a political think tank guided by a single question: How can we use our limited resources to reduce as much suffering as possible? “We believe that any individual capable of suffering deserves moral consideration. No matter who they are, where they live, or what species they happen to be. As part of the effective altruism movement, we rely on rationality and empirical science to point us in the right direction.” Sentience Politics is effective altruism for all sentient beings.

What Was The Event
The event consisted of two presentations leading up to a panel discussion. Participants included: Mark Post (Professor of Vascular Physiology, Maastricht University); Adriano Mannino (President, Sentience Politics); Sebastian Joy (Executive Director, VEBU – Vegetarierbund Deutschland). Speakers were discussing potential of cultured meat to contribute to the end of factory farming as well as the great deal of scientific, technical, cultural and legislative challenges that must be overcome before cultured meat can reach cost-competitiveness.

What We Did
This event was high-interesting for many people who could not attend and they asked to stream / record it, so we were happy to make it available for public. On the venue we fixed audio problem and provided lights. During live streaming we have faced some serious force majeure with internet access and had to deal with it. Enjoy the video!

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